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Here's what you'll need
to get started.

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Email access

Because this score deals with personal information, we need a way to verify your account ownership. Don't worry, we won't spam you!

Once you sign up on the next screen and verify your email, you'll never need to do so again.

A recent bank statement

Never ever enter your account numbers! We do not need them.


What we DO need is your current savings amount, home mortgage balances, and percentages such as a credit card interest rate, so please make sure to have your statements available.

QFP - MWA Presentation (2)_edited.png
QFP - MWA Presentation (2)_edited.png

Insurance Declarations Page

Since our score calculates your protection against possible losses, insurance information such as policy limits, coverage rates, and renewal costs will be necessary. Most of that information can be found on your policy declarations page.

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30-45 Minutes

Our score accuracy depends on the precision of the information you enter, so take your time to ensure accuracy. If you don't have time to knock it out in one sitting, don't worry! You can always save your progress and log back in to complete at a later time.

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Remember, it's FREE!

The scoring software is free to access and your score will be provided to you FREE OF CHARGE.


If, however, you choose to understand better WHY your score is where it's at, you'll have the opportunity to purchase your downloadable report. This report will give you granular breakdowns per category on improving your quantified score on our site. 

If you elect to purchase your report, you'll also have access to a customized dashboard that gives you tools to calculate versatile scenarios, set financial goals, and redownload or print your report at any time.

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